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Bead Mill

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Bead Mill

Paint Bead Mill

Batch Type Bead Mill Description

Bead Mill is used to agitate the carrying material in the presence of small steel or glass beads. The carrying material is made to collide with liquid shear gradients to brake it into smaller parts for better blending. Paint Bead mills have cylindrical structure in a vessel shape containing a motor-driven central shaft attached to different types of impellers. We manufacture bead mill with high quality raw material and adopt latest technology. We cater to needs of customized bead mill according to the needs of customers.

Working Principle

Working Principle of Bead mill The bead mill consists of a horizontal grinding chamber, which in turn houses the shaft and agitator discs. The chamber is filled with zirconium grinding media.

Salient Features

  • Bead Mill is a Batch type Mixer
  • In Bead Mill, Mixing Trough and Blades are fabricated from mild steel, stainless steel 304 and 316 grade.
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